OTOLOGY-OTONEUROSURGERY (November, 9-10, 2017)


8:00 Registration of participants
8:30 Course introduction
9:00 Dissection on anatomical specimen Temporal Bone anatomic concepts
Ossicular chain exploration Basic technique of the mastoid drilling
Mastoidectomy and posterior timpanotomy Facial recess
11:00 Live surgery – Cholesteatoma
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Lecture – Cochlear implant “State of the Art”
14:30 Live surgery – Cochlear implant
16:00 Dissection on anatomical specimen Implantable prosthesis- cochlear implant positioning
18:30 Closing remarks – end of the first day
20:30 Social dinner


8:30 Lecture – “Stapedotomy in difficult cases”
9:00 Live surgery & dissection – Otoneurosurgery and lateral skull base
13:30 Lunch
14:30 Lecture – “Surgery of the facial nerve”
15:30 Dissection on anatomical specimen Cochlea Vertical carotid – Jugular gulf Intra labyrinthine facial nerve Internal auditory canal
17:00 Endoscopic retrosigmoid access to the CPA
18:00 Closing remarks and certificates delivery


Dr. Luca D’Ascanio (Mantova)
Dr. Antonio Della Volpe (Napoli)
Prof. Jacques Magnan (Marsiglia)
Prof. Nuri Ozgigin (Ankara)
Prof. Gaetano Paludetti (Roma)
Prof. Giampietro Ricci (Perugia)
Dr. Franco Trabalzini (Firenze)